Charleston, SC

Saturday, March 04th, 2023

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Kiawah Island dinner was our second DYKG event in a span of 10 months and we are already looking forward to the next one!

We are both busy professionals who enjoy the lifestyle but not the amount of time and effort it takes to meet quality attractive couples. George takes the guess work out of the equation and the risk of not "clicking" with anybody at the party.

The setting, food, wine, the company are all staged to ensure everybody will have a good time. As a bonus guests are all sexy, attractive and like-minded people and theres no shortage of laughter and good conversation.

We have gone to Desire a couple of times, we like the occasional clubbing and have also tried dating. But we can honestly say that George events give us the highest ROI in the lifestyle.

R & D

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Hi George & Ann

Just wanted to let you know we really enjoyed the dinner.

Great restaurant and food.

Well Done

J. & L.

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017


   I wanted to take a moment to send a warm and gracious Thank You from J and I. We had a wonderful time at dinner Saturday night. Yourself and Ann were very friendly and welcoming hosts. The venue was beautiful and the epitome of Southern Charm. The menu had a wide variety of items but were all prepared perfectly. I believe one of the servers joked with me that he didn’t need to ask how dinner was because I cleaned the plate of almost every course. The guests you selected were very friendly and down-to-earth. It was perfect evening. 

   As much as J and I would love to share stories about our evening with friends, we appreciate and respect the discretion you ask of your events. When asked about the dinner, we have to be complicit with a “it was fine” while sharing a wink and a sly smile between the two of us. 

   We will be looking forward to applying to dinners in the future and potentially one of your extended-multi day events. Thank you again.

   Best Regards,

  C & J

Monday, January 11th, 2021

Good Morning Sexy Friends,


Thank you for thinking of us and reaching out.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend the weekend event in Charleston as we have another engagement a few weeks later.  I can't begin to explain the disappointment we felt at the dinner when we realized that the hottest couple there were the "King of Swing" and his wife, and were therefore off-limits. We would love to get to spend more time with you and get to know you both better.  


Please keep us in mind for future events or the next time y'all have a free weekend in the Carolinas. We live halfway between Columbia and Charlotte so we're within a reasonable drive to anywhere in either of the Carolinas.


T & R

Tuesday, April 06th, 2021



Thank you so much for a wonderful evening Friday.


S and I enjoyed ourselves and everything was done very well.


We especially enjoyed speaking to you and Ann.


Thanks again,



Monday, April 05th, 2021

George & Ann,


Thanks so much for hosting a fabulous dinner last night.  We had such a nice time meeting and chatting with the group you put together.   


We followed your recommendation on The Ordinary's Oyster Sliders today for lunch--you can speak to us again!   What a treat.


Hope to see you again---


D & S

Monday, April 05th, 2021

George and Ann, 


C and I wanted to take the time to thank you both very much for inviting us to Charleston. We had an amazing time at the dinner. 


We would like to extend some genuine observations and compliments. 


George, your story telling capabilities and ability to control a room makes you an exquisite fit for the role at the head of the table. You are a natural at keeping the conversation flowing in a new environment.  Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and many others agree that this skill set is the most valuable skill a man could have, so I compliment with the highest regard. I wish we were able to converse more than we did but there is always hope for the future. I not only think I would enjoy our conversations but I believe I can learn a lot. I will never forget your quote, “sex starts between the ears and not between the thighs.”


Ann, you’re so soft spoken with a genuine heart and this elegantly demands attention on its own terms. Both C and I really enjoyed your company throughout the dinner. 

I’m truly grateful for what you two are doing by setting up a safe place for respectable and discrete couples and individuals can go to be themselves and have a genuinely good time with aspirations for more after hours. We felt very comfortable and are hopeful to meet again. 

A & C


Monday, October 04th, 2021

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