Tampa, FL

Saturday, December 19th, 2020

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We had so much fun last night and got carried away.  ;)

Thank you for extending the invitation to your group, and hoping to see you for the Charleston event.


Elvira & John

Friday, March 27th, 2020

Hi Ann,

Another successful dinner with great crowd of people once again!  Everyone got along well and it was a perfect mix.


Friday, March 27th, 2020

George and Ann:  


Thank you for addressing this matter so promptly.  Your concerns regarding privacy and personal conduct are matters we fully support and share with both of you.  In the end there is only so much you can do as hosts  in creating your guest list,  which means we should all redouble our commitments to each other  to  maintain standards we can be proud to share.  


We do look look forward to seeing you in Charleston as it was our honeymoon city.


Best Wishes.  Clyde and Lois

Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Thank you so much! We had a wonderful time last evening with Ann! We can't wait for the LowCountry event. See you guys soon.

Sunday, October 18th, 2020

Good Morning!


Thanks so much for your email; I was signing in to draft a thank you for the lovely evening we enjoyed with Ann on Saturday when this email popped up.  


We truly enjoyed our experience at dinner; the menu and the company were both delightful.  As such, we are happy and excited to receive your invitation to become provisional members.  We look forward to the opportunity to join everyone at a weekend sometime soon.  


Thanks again for a great experience this weekend. We wish you both Happy Holidays a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Matt & Raye

Monday, December 21st, 2020

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