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Sometimes it's nice to get together

Just For Dinner.

For those in the lifestyle who appreciate a slender ankle in a red-soled pump, the hand-stitched interior of a classic German automobile and a 2007 Insignia, this is for you.

Hosted at one of the best reviewed restaurants and held in the city's finest private dining rooms, the guest list is always selective and by invitation only.

Combining each chef's seasonal tasting menu with the sommelier's best pairings, these five course experiences are discreet, elegant and leisurely. They are also a perfect way to meet other professional couples, like yourselves, who are in the lifestyle.

The "plus" Dinners include the option of a deluxe hotel room or suite and the opportunity to linger after dinner with friends, both old and new, without the need to dash home.

Your host for the evening is George.

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Washington, DC

Friday, January 26, 2018
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Saturday, January 27, 2018
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Friday, February 2, 2018
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Saturday, February 3, 2018
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J and I had an incredible evening. The evening was elegant and sexy. Everything executed above our expectation. The joy went far beyond the restaurant that evening and into the next day. We had a great time and lots to talk about. We hope to meet J and N and continue what was started. There were also a couple others like P and S that we did not get enough time with but hope to engage further in a future meeting.

Meeting Anne and yourself were one of the major highlights of the evening. You guys are charming, attractive, intelligent and fab host. We loved talking to both of you J was absolutely taken with Anne. She rarely ever is captivated by another female. Anne melted her.



We wanted to take a moment to thank you for allowing us to join you at last night's dinner.

After all of the rave reviews we'd seen and heard about your previous events, our expectations for last night were set high and we weren't disappointed. For us, the evening hit or exceeded the mark in every way -- the venue was great, the guests were interesting and charming, the food and wine were excellent, and the overall size, mood, and pace of the evening made for a truly exceptional dinner event.

And of course we'd be remiss if we didn't also add how much we enjoyed finally getting to meet the two of you. We found you to be gracious and welcoming as hosts; but even more we enjoyed your conversation and company, and the open friendliness that we felt from you.

Thank you both for a truly delightful evening. We hope to have the opportunity to see you again sometime next year.



This past weekend we attended a 'Do you know George' Just for dinner event in Detroit and when we returned we had several emails from friends and future friends who asked us about what it was like… and should they attend George's upcoming dinner in Toronto.

Before the event starts off; you need to get on George's invite list - not a hard process, but he does want to know that you are serious about attending his events. After you are on the invite list you will find out about some incredible events held around North America. Then you get the formal invitation to the dinner - you respond that you wish to attend, and are taken to a page where you pay for the event. At this point, all we knew about the dinner was that it was going to be held in Detroit - unlike his weekend or week long events where there are details about what will happen, George plays very mysterious with his dinner events. You aren't confirmed until you remit payment and this must be done in advance of the event to secure your spot at the table.

About two weeks before the dinner we received an email that outlined the menu and wine pairings for the evening - but still no confirmation of the restaurant; mystery. It was plain to see based on the menu, that it was going to be in one of the best restaurants in the city; there are very few that could pull off the dishes that were promised. Also based on what we've heard of Georges events; we felt comfortable trusting his choices.

6 days before the dinner the restaurant was revealed, and we were able to firm up our hotel reservation - conveniently the hotel and restaurant were 'close'.

Before we go further, we should speak to the guest-list. This is what we would call a curated gathering. Just like when we have a dinner party in our home, we invite people who we think would enjoy meeting each other, as well as old friends we want to see again. George and Ann do a similar thing with these events. Some of the people are old friends who have been to other George events all over the country, and some of us were first timers. We were all made to feel equally welcome, and since George took the time to learn a bit about us beforehand - it was like walking into a room of our oldest and closest friends. The age range was probably early 30's to mid-50's.

Dress for the evening was classy, but not formal; the women were in elegant evening wear and the men - jackets but no ties (though a couple of the men did have on ties). This wasn't a night at the club, and we were all dressed like you would expect for an evening at a top end restaurant.

Cocktails that evening were to start at 8pm - and at 8pm the maître d' led us to the private dining room. (A quick scan of the lounge beforehand, and Mrs heavyG had picked out the other 'stylers who would be joining us) George and Ann greeted us and made introductions as we arrived; setting conversations in motion about common interests between the guests. The wait staff quickly started to fill orders for cocktails, and no request for something oddball or top shelf was questioned.

The pace of the evening was spot on - at just about the point where we had spoken to everyone and our cocktail glasses were emptying; we were seated at the table. Seating is arranged, with your spouse / partner across the table from you, so on either side of Mr. was the female partner of the men on either side of Mrs.. George and Ann were at opposite heads of the table, and switched as the night went on.

Conversation at the table was also easy and flowing. The food started to arrive, with the Chef introducing each dish and the Sommelier describing each wine as he poured the pairings. For those who enjoy wine - it was great to have some pairings that on the surface were "huh, that wine is from where", and then being blown away by what was in the glass.

Pacing of the meal was fantastic, we never felt rushed nor did it ever seem like the next course should have arrived already. At the end of the meal Ann arrived with a birthday cake for George and we all helped him celebrate.

As the evening wound down, everyone started to mingle again - contact info was shared, and connections made. The restaurant had long since closed, but we weren't rushed out the door, everything was allowed to evolve at it's own pace.

In a nutshell - it was great, we'll be at the table in Toronto in October, and we're figuring out how to change our schedules so we can attend more of George's longer, luxury weekend events.


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